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आयुर्वेद अमृत है, इसे अपनाइऐ
Save Yourself, Adopt Ayurveda.

About us

Anshul Remedies Pvt Ltd Ayurveda Medicine Bulk Supplier in UP

Anshul Remedies Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1938. We deals in ayurvedic products that contains natural & pure ingredients. We are starting our second unit “Anshul Remedies Pvt Ltd” that will be ayurvedic classical medicine manufacturer & Exporters, we provide high quality Shastrikt & Patent Ayurvedic Medicines namely Kupipakva Rasayan, Parpati, Bhasm, Pishti, Kharliya Rasayan, Gutika, Vati, Loh, Mandoor, Kshar and other Shodhit Dravyon. These will be manufactured by latest machines on the basis of centuries – Old Ayurvedic System in the supervision of perfect and experienced Vaidyas.

We have been in the market since many years now and hold a strong base in Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh. Our range of products can be safely used by everyone as our products do not contain harmful ingredients or artificial preservatives, therefore it has no side-effects. That’s a reason we also known for ayurveda medicine Bulk Supplier in UP. Clients can avail our products at cost effective prices. These effective and affordable products are most preferred among our vast clientele. Anshul Remedies is the Top Herbal products suppliers in bulk.

Anshul Remedies Pvt Ltd Ayurveda Medicine Bulk Supplier in UP

Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission

Our mission to Manufacturing and deliver top quality Ayurvedic Products, We work hard to meet all of customer requirements.

Our Vision

Our clear vision to give The Best Quality good to our all business clients. We uphold value in our products because we value our customers with high quality.


Surging ahead in our journey of Total Quality Management (TQM). We are also developing our core competence and aligning objectives at all levels to realize synergy in operations.


We offer complete integration in value transformation, starting from product concept, designing, production, packaging to the entire marketing process.


We strive to provide our clients with consistent service and maintain mutually beneficial long-standing relationships with a personal business that meets their expectations.

What We Do

It is our motive to continuously upgrade our services and therapeutic efficacy of medicines for better health of society. Anshul Remedies Pvt Ltd We are recognized for our ability to manufacture ayurvedic products and herbal range of medicines. Our product range is of the finest quality and prepared with pure and natural herbal extracts that establishes our competency as the best ayurvedic cum herbal product manufacturer in India. 
Ayurvedic medicine has a rich history, Originally shared as an oral tradition, Ayurveda was recorded more than 5,000 years ago in Sanskrit, in the four sacred texts called the Vedas: the Rig Veda (3000-2500 BCE), Yajur Veda, Sam Veda, and Atharva Veda (1200-1000 BCE). Let us see what does it have to offer to the society today.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality centric business approach makes us a reliable pharmaceutical partner of choice. That’s a reason we also known as for Ayurveda Medicines Bulk Supplier in UP. We Provide Superior Quality Classical Medicine in bulk Quantity. Anshul Remedies Pvt Ltd are an indefatigable defender of quality demonstrated by our outstanding quality assurance and quality control teams that are responsible for ensuring the entire production process-starting with raw material procurement all the way to packaging- is punctuated with strict & regular quality checks. 
Imbalances are not an overnight occurrence, so you do have time to prevent or slow down the process of imbalance. When you know what is causing you to feel out of balance, you can simply refer to a few exercises and particular food items in order to regain your energy that’s why we also know as for Ayurveda Medicine Bulk Supplier in UP. 

Our Customer's Review

It is our great luck to find ourselves such great Friends.

Anshul Remedies Pvt Ltd Herbal Products Suppliers in Bulk

We have been using their traditional medications in order to resell them. The medicine can survive various weather conditions without suffering any damage thanks to its fine polishing and characteristics.

Rajveer Alhawat,

New Delhi

Anshul Remedies Pvt Ltd Herbal Products Suppliers in Bulk

He Provide Superior Quality Classical Medicine in bulk, quick turnaround times, and quick reaction times set them apart from competing businesses in the market. He produces things of good quality. We will undoubtedly tell everyone about their business.